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Every star in the kingdom of God has certain trade secret which they engaged and put to work that landed them in a position of prominence.

This trade secret is known as keys of the kingdom, which they have used to open doors of breakthrough in their lives and ministry.

No door can open to you unless you have the required key to open that door. Therefore the frustrations of life are an indication that the required key is not yet in place.


Wisdom demands that you locate the right keys that guarantee a smooth sail through the storms of life.


There is a struggle free zone of life which is the portion of the redeemed, but it is not automatic. Responsibility is the hallmark of this struggle free zone and until you are ready to take responsibility, you cannot enjoy what it offers.


Taking responsibility in this context is to go on a search to discover and engage the required keys that will guarantee your access to the breakthroughs promised in God’s word.


As I share these revelations of the keys to breakthrough”, it is my prayer that you’ll enjoy unending seasons of breakthrough in your life and ministry, in Jesus precious name.


There is still room at the top for anyone who dares to and desires to succeed and have all round breakthroughs in life.


So grab yourself a copy of the keys to breakthrough” now.


See you at the top, in Jesus Name