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The current wave of divorce in our world is an indication that Satan is truly at war against marriages.

The role of the family union, in bringing up decent and disciplined children with high moral values is gradually declining.


Many young people have lost interest in getting married, because their concept of marriage has been thwarted by the lies of the devil.


 Many couples have lost the joy they had when they newly got married and many are at the verge of divorce with cases already in court awaiting the verdict of the judge.


These are signs that Satan is gaining control over the affairs of men with the rise of liberal agenda in our governments; and the attack from the far left and gay community against the institution of marriage.


If you’re a victim of this ferocious attack of the devil, or you know someone who’s on Satan’s list as a target, I have good news for you.  You can regain control over that marriage, home, husband, wife, prodigal son or daughter etc.


“Overcoming controlling powers in marriage” is a book that exposes the weakness of the enemy and empowers the saint through sound biblical information to gain back control of their relationship.

It is a must read for every Christian and non-Christian alike.