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Every citizen of the kingdom of God is designed and ordained by God to win in every conflict of life.

Although many people profess to be Christians, speak in tongues, zealous for the kingdom and claiming the promises in the scriptures, not all are actually winning the battle in many areas of life. Some are discouraged, wounded, oppressed, and harassed by the forces of darkness. Many have even lost their lives without fulfilling their destinies.


All these tragedies and misfortunes befalling Christians does not glorify God, rather it boasts the effrontery with which the enemy attacks his victims.


But the will of God for all his children, which includes you, is to win in all the battles of life. Because you were born to win, that is, you are born again to win again and again and again as long as you are alive and well.


One of the God ordained channels through which you’ll win again and again is what I will be sharing in this book “The Winning Prayer”.  It is not a manual for prayer, neither is it meant to replace your prayer life style. Instead it is only my contribution to what many of God’s champions has done in this field.


 It is my prayer that this book will enhance, reinforce and ignite the fire of God in your prayer life.

I urge you by the Holy Ghost to open your heart as I share with you these exciting and amazing secrets to winning in life through prayer as the Lord has taught me.